The power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a game changer in the recruitment process for candidates, employers and recruiters alike. For candidates, it is an online CV accessible to anyone, for employers it is an opportunity to check their would-be employees while recruiters can use it to source the best talent for their clients.
An online shop window, a LinkedIn profile is the minimum requirement these days for anybody who is seeking employment.

It’s important that you get your picture right; smart attire, a professional appearance and appropriate backdrop sounds a simple concept, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take this into consideration. It’s expected that you will have a professional online presence as very few jobs in this day and age are void of any digital responsibility.

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Intern-tips; assessing the legal risks of Internships

Internships, a useful ‘test the water’ tool for both parties. From an employers’ perspective, they are able to provide a learning experience to prospective industry professionals who may even go on to work for them. This is an opportunity to give their own employees man-management experience and have some of the more time consuming tasks taken on by an enthusiastic individual. It can also provide an opportunity to gauge the value an entry level recruit, possibly with a view to taking that person on.

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Jobfinders takes the Maasai Trek Challenge

There’s a good leadership adage – don’t ask anyone to do anything that are not prepared to do yourself.  Debbie Lock our managing director demonstrates this through her tireless work raising funds to find a cure for breast cancer.  It’s a cause that is very close to our hearts; Gemma our operations manager lost her mum to the disease, in fact it’s probably fair to say that it is a disease that has impacted most of our lives in some way.  Through our local charity, Breast of Bromley, both Debbie and Gemma have somehow managed to find time to organise a multitude of fundraising events over the years.

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Rest, recuperation and reflection

Without wanting to jinx anything, summer arrived in style this year and many of us didn’t even need that annual beach holiday for our share of vitamin D. Some of us will – good luck to you – but, wherever you may be holidaying this year, hopefully it will yield some time for a bit of reflection.

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Creating the Perfect CV

We read more CVs than nans read books, than clairvoyants read palms, than restaurant reviewers read menus, you get it – we read a lot of CVs.

Some really stand out, they’re the ones we’ll invite in, send off to interview and place in jobs; others don’t. Writing a CV isn’t difficult unless you make it. There are a number of straight forward considerations that will make it a simple but effective weapon in your quest for a job.

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Psychometric Profiling; a graduate’s best friend for entry level jobs

So, you’ve almost finished with all nighters in the library and your final beer pong league is drawing to a close. It’s a time of reflection, of excitement but, mostly, it’s a time of think, ‘blimey, what do I do now?’

We know because we’ve been there. We’ve all experienced the pending realisation that the real world awaits and not being entirely ready to swap it for the comfort of our living room and Netflix. But, more than anything else, we know the frustration of entry level job hunting and university’s answer to the chicken and egg question; how do I get experience when I need experience in the first instance.

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